about the project

iMOPSE (Intelligent Multi Objective Project Scheduling Environment) is a project which aims to provide the tools that allow users to optimize various schedules using variety of heuristics or metaheuristics, such as Evolutionary Algorithm, Taboo Search, Simulated Annealing, Particle Sworm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization.

We will collect best optimized schedules and informations about the methods that were used for their optimization. You can get all solutions and information about them on the download page.


To contact us please send email (pawel.myszkowski@(REMOIVE_IT)pwr.edu.pl) to Pawel Myszkowski.



Name From To Interests / Tasks Role / title
Paweł Myszkowski 2011 Now multi- and many--objective opt. NP-hard problems Ph.D., D.Sc., Project Manager
Michał Antkiewicz 2021 Now GaMeDe, B-NTGA Ph.D. student
Konrad Gmyrek 2023 Now IMOPSE library, GA Ph.D. student
Lukasz Olech 2024 Now GA Ph.D. student

past collaborators

Name From To Interests / Tasks Role / title
Maciej Laszczyk 2014 2021 multi- and many--objective opt. NP-hard problems, NTGA2 Ph.D.
Kamil Król 2021 2022 coevolution, multiobjective opt. M.Sc.
Jacek Wernikowski 2021 2022 multiobjective opt., NTGA2 M.Sc.
Jakub Graniczny 2018 2020 Coevolutionary Algorithms, CoRT M.Sc.
Kamil Dziadek 2018 2019 Metaheuristics, multiobjective opt., TSP M.Sc.
Joanna Lichodij 2017 2018 heuristics, multiobjective opt., NSGA-II, NTGA M.Sc.
Ivan Nikulin 2015 2016 EA/SA/TS, visualisation Eng
Dawid Kalinowski 2017 2018 EA, coevolution, hybrid M.Sc.
Łukasz Olech 2012 2016 PSO, ACO, DE PhD student
Marek Skowroński 2011 2015 (Meta)heuristics - TS, SA, EA PhD student
Jędrzej Siemieński 2014 2015 GRASP, Greedy Algorithm M.Sc.
Krzysztof Oślizło 2012 2013 PSO, ACO M.Sc.
Marcin Adamski 2012 2013 TS, SA eng.
Paweł Kwiatek 2012 2013 TS, SA eng.
Łukasz Podlodowski 2011 2012 heuristics M.Sc.